IDC Classroom

IDC Classroom

The most valued ability of a PADI professional is good attitude and outstanding dive skills. However, to put those abilities into action you need to know the how and why about physics, physiology, equipment, environment, RDP and dive skills to be able to teach your student divers in the best possible way.

Our IDC Classroom is an excellent way to be well prepared for your IDC Theory and Divemaster Theory. Our online classroom not only prepares you for your exams in an organized and understandable way, it also provides you with real life examples, videos and diagrams to make it a little more interactive.

IDC Online Classroom

Dive theory explained the easy way

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Physics and Physical laws have a great influence during diving. If you want to learn more and understand different physical aspects underwater and how to explain it to your divers or student divers you will find everything you need to know in this IDC Theory Physics section.


Understanding your Respiratory and Circulatory systems does not only gives you a better understanding how to prevent or handle accidents, it also helps you to explain specific topics and objections non-divers have towards diving.


The choices of equipment are limitless, but the core functions are the same. In the unlikely event that equipment malfunctions, you need to be able to fix small issues and you will need to understand how each part is working. General standards and regulations are very important, which we will cover here as well.

Skills & Environment

To guarantee safety and fun during your dives and courses, you will need to be able to make the best possible decision when it comes down to tides, waves and currents. As an Instructor you will teach people in the open water course more about environment and how to read it.


Most people are getting the shivers only by mentioning RDP. No worries guys, in this IDC Theory section I will explain to you how that little card works in a computer assisted age.

PADI Standard and Procedures

Learn how to use and interpret the PADI instructor manual. Find all the information you need as a PADI instructor.

Dive Skills

The PADI open water course has 24 different skills, the rescue course has 10 skills, the advanced course has…. I guess you get the picture. How do you demonstrate all these different skills, how can you break them up in small blocks people can remember?

Quizzes and Exams

Take a test for a particular subject, or take a full dive theory test.

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