Testimonials from our former PADI Pro candidates

Committing yourself to a new career might be a big step. Still in doubt? Read the IDC reviews from former candidates who already passed one of our PADI Pro courses.

No other choice for your IDC!

Everyone is probably biased about their own Course Director and company so I want to try give some details about why you should choose this place for you IDC…

In a nutshell: if you want to do an IDC that offers flexibility at a manageable pace whilst learning from a really knowledge professional whilst still having FUN then you have to come here!

Or, in a little more detail… read below!

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Pre-Sign Up Communication
Markus, the course director, was the only contact who offered to Skype with me and after that also met me in person to answer some questions and put me at ease with the process and structure of the course and my different options (as I have a full time job). He was also the only CD to offer flexibility with my work schedule.

Pre-Sign up Study
Although PADI do E-Learning, not all centres are so keen to offer it, but Markus not only suggested this for me, he also complimented my learning with access to his own website which is INVALUABLE! It has practice quizzes for each exam component plus mock ups for both the theory and the standards exams. All of these online quizzes give you instant grades and areas to work on. The dive theory is explained in really simple terms with loads of extra videos to make it clear. On top of that, Markus has made his own videos that demonstrate different pool skills and theory like using the ERDPML. This meant that once I arrived I was already confident with the exams and wasn’t bogged down with studying.

Manageable Days
I was worried about the intensity of the course and didn’t expect to actually enjoy it as much as I did. Most days were around 8-4-6pm and some days I was able to get homework done during the day which left evenings for relaxing. socialising with my IDC buddies or working on some ore online quizzes. When you are having fun and not too tired you learn so much more and this is Markus’ philosophy which makes such a great course.

One-one support
Despite all the help available before hand, of course some people find things easier than others and Markus was often at the shop way after hours helping people through classroom presentations or theory work. He was always so patient and never once made you feel bad for keeping him late chatting about balloons.. (When you start your IDC, you will know…)

I was lucky to have an awesome group to train with and there were 6 of us in total which really helps to learn with different ‘students’ and bounce ideas off each other. As the reputation of Markus and IDCs at JGD grows, I’m sure you’ll find your IDC with a great group too!

Professionalism and Knowledge
Not only is Markus a fun teacher, he is also really passionate about diving and helping people be better divers and train better divers. He is professional as a course director and as a diver. He also has varied diving experience in different locations, with different equipment and other organisations and he brings all of this to the classroom to help you be the best Instructor you can be

Joe’s Gone Diving Shop
The shop is well established and has a real relaxed family feel about it. They have recently refurbished and it looks great. The owners, Jan and Miriam, took an active interest in our course each day and even came to see us at the IDC closing ceremony and arranged a special lunch for us on our last day.

Every day, we had our lunch around the table at Joe’s. A great time to chat and get to know our IDC group. The food was varied each day and absolutely delicious! They catered for vegans and vegetarians in the group too and everyone always had more than enough to eat – VERY IMPORTANT!! 😀

Sanur is a great place to do you IDC. It has loads of nice spas to help you unwind, you can run along the beach and it has loads of delicious restaurants to choose from in all different budget ranges. It’s not too wild but most bars have live music and there are a few that offer the much needed part vibe after you finish your IDC! It’s a good place to walk around which, if you know Bali, is not always possible!

The course was great from start to finish. The calibre of our students was noticeable in comparison to other divers on the IE. I am so happy I chose Joe’s Gone Diving. Markus was amazing

Role model

‘You must be fed up with the term role model by now…’ Somebody from a different dive center once asked me as I almost finished my PADI divemaster course. He suggested I must have been reminded countless times to the fact that your instructor is your role model during the PADI divemaster course. I never heard the term role model during my divemaster course, except for the time it was mentioned in my PADI divemaster manual. I did not need a reminder to see Joe’s Gone Diving instructors as role models because they became my role models as soon as I set foot in Joe’s Gone Diving the first time. In many ways I look up to the people working for Joe’s Gone Diving, for their passion, expertise, knowledge, humour, skills, and their love for diving.

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The love for diving shows from the moment you meet the Joe’s Gone Diving staff. Doing my PADI divemaster course at Joe’s Gone Diving gave me the opportunity to work with all the different instructors, which is an amazing opportunity because everyone at Joe’s has distinct qualities in which they excel. Learning from different people, with different fields of expertise, views, knowledge and skills, shaped me into the divemaster I am today. My instructors were my role models, nobody had to explain that to me.

Currently I am doing the Instructor Development Course with course director Markus Gstrein at Joe’s Gone Diving. ‘You are gonna be so stressed!’ everybody told me before I started with my Instructor Development Course. Currently we are halfway through the course and I have felt no stress at all. The knowledge, skills and confidence I gained during my PADI divemaster course with Joe’s Gone Diving was exceptional and the perfect preparation to start my Instructor Development Course. Doing the PADI divemaster course with Joe’s Gone Diving fueled my passion to become an instructor as I was able to assist on real courses with real students during my PADI divemaster course. Assisting with real students allowed me to see the excitment and emotion in the eyes of PADI Open Water Diver students after open water dive 1, and to see their confidence and never-ending love for diving after open water dive 4.

Through Joe’s Gone Diving I will soon be able to start teaching my own students, together we will create new memories, build confidence, care for the environment, love diving and many more.

Kelsey and Taylor Muller

My sister and I spent a month in Sanur, Bali completing our Divemaster and Assistant Instructor certifications. I cannot begin to describe how amazing the staff at Joe’s Gone Diving was. From the day I contacted them over the phone for more information on the course, they treated us like family, whether it was giving us tips on where to stay in Sanur and what to do on our free time when we we’re not diving. All of the information for the course came in an easy to find, professional PDF packet located on their website, that impressed us and made us feel certain this was a high quality dive shop, even from doing research half way across the world in the US.

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The actual day to day there was incredible. The dive shop itself is a gorgeous property with it’s own pool on premise, a shady place to sit, talk and eat as well as a gazebo and classrooms upstairs. The staff was extremely attentive, always asking if we needed something or how they could help us. And finally with our instructors (through the dive master course we worked with almost every instructor on staff there) we found patient, experienced, and enthusiastic people who taught us a lot and always made diving fun!

Bali is an unreal experience on its own, but I have no doubt that our trip wouldn’t have been half as amazing if we had not chosen Joe’s Gone Diving to do our divemaster. We are so grateful to Jan, Mirjam, Markus, Eby, Yolanda, Ethel, Imam, Maria, Ezra and the rest of the staff for making this truly a trip of a lifetime! We look forward to coming back next year to do the instructor!!

A Diving Tale from Kyle

I first started my underwater journey 5 years ago, like many, on the small island of Koh Tao in Thailand. I had no intentions of learning to dive, frankly, it terrified me. A good friend convinced me to give it a try, so I signed up for a PADI Open Water Course. After my first breath underwater, my life would be changed forever…

I continued my diving education completing and moving through the PADI Advanced and PADI Rescue courses; I was hooked. This new world I was experiencing was unlike any other I could have ever dreamed of. Peaceful, beautiful and awe inspiring.

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After returning home from that trip, my normal job and life were not doing it for me anymore, I knew where I belonged and I had to figure out how make that happen.

My next adventure was being planned, one of my destinations was Bali, Indonesia. This would be the stop where I met Markus Gstrein. Markus would go on to become my mentor and trainer as I moved up into the Professional ranks of PADI.

As I write this I am still in Bali, now working as a PADI MSDT and still alongside Markus. I used to dread the alarm clock going off in the morning signalling the start of the work day. These days, I am usually up and ready to go to the ocean before it even rings. I love sharing my passion for diving, underwater photography and the marine world with others; it all started with that first breath underwater which I will never forget…..


Kyle Anderson, Canada

Ben: IDC with Joe’s Gone Diving

Hi my name is Ben and I did my IDC in July 2017 with Joe’s Gone Diving and it was exactly how I think a perfect IDC should be. During my time at Joe’s Gone Diving everybody was very friendly, interested in me and always grateful to help me out if I needed something.
The IDC was perfect organized by the course director Markus so I never had the feeling that I may be not be good enough prepared for the IE.
Every evening he sit down with me to give me feedback and also asked me for the same. He was 24/7 available for me when I needed something even if it was not related to anything with diving.

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And when the IE finally started I had a very good feeling and I had no difficulties to pass only because Markus did such a great job.
But Joesgonediving especially Markus did much more then just to prepare me for the IE. He introduced me to the dive society in Sanur, showed me some pubs, took me to the beach clean up and helped me to find a job after the IE and much more.

I am very grateful that I did my IDC with Joe’s Gone Diving and that I met such nice people there. I wish everybody the very best for the future and I am looking forward to see you guys again.

Karl Jensen

I don’t often write reviews, in fact I nearly didn’t write this one. I spent around 3 1/2 weeks diving with Joes Gone Diving, completing my rescue course, DM course, a few fun dives, and a dive safari.

There’s a really nice vibe at Joes from the minute you arrive. Everyone introduces themselves, a drink of your choice is popped in your hand, and everyone is keen to get to know you and what you want from your diving experience. At the end of each days diving most of the team join you for a beer to reflect on the days adventures, do fish id, log dives, and have a chat. Everyone clearly loves what they do, it’s obvious. There’s a stream of returning customers, who know what I’m talking about, they feel the love!!

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Coupled with the friendliness is a dive team that is super professional. Whether teaching courses or fun diving, the attention to detail, focus on learning and development, and environmental awareness is second to none. With a mix of local and international dive masters and instructors, there isn’t much this team doesn’t know about diving in general, and diving in Bali.

The other thing that makes JGD such a great dive centre is their attention to detail in the daily running of the operation. As a customer, you are so well looked after;

Hotel pick ups, equipment/gear management, transfers to dive spots, small dive groups, amazing lunches, soft towels for after diving, gear washing and storage etc it just seems to magically happen around you. It’s pretty awesome.

I also wanted to do a ‘muck’ dive safari with a mate. It was no problem to tailor an overnight trip, get advice on sites, organise a driver and guide and hotel, make one simple payment. It was just great.

I can’t thank them enough. Owners Jan and Mirjam have assembled a top team, developed a great culture, and deliver an unrivalled service.

Big thanks to everyone, especially Markus and Jenny but also Ethel, Ezra, Roland, Medvin, Fitri, Fita, Nick, Putu, Komang, Ketut, and Buttons.

Needless to say, I’ll definitely be dropping by in the future, hopefully to dive but if not just to say hi.



The Ultimate Diving Experience with a Fun bunch of Professionals!

I feel truly ENRICHED by Joe’s, having completed my DM, IDC and MSDT with this vibrant school of Ocean Heroes! A truly dynamic team that strikes the perfect balance of fun and professionalism. From the ENTRY POINT I was super impressed by the detailed, personalised response I received almost immediately to my enquiry, and the warm, attentive welcome upon arrival (thank you Jan, Mirjam, Markus and Nat!). As my educational ASCENT with Joe’s unfolds I continue to be impressed by this bunch of talented individuals I’m blessed to call BUDDIES, not one “DRY BAG” among you, haha!

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It’s evident just how passionate everyone is about what they do and it’s reflected in the HIGH TIDE of service they deliver, complete with all the finishing touches that makes the experience so memorable and enjoyable for the constant CURRENT of delightful guests that FIN through Joe’s doors. Young, old, nervous, excited, from all corners of the world… the team here seemingly effortlessly GAUGE and cater for everyone’s specific needs, preferences and interests. Every guest is GUIDEd expertly through the wonders of Bali’s waters and a passion is ignited/INFLATEd further! With a GIANT STRIDE of pro-active CONSERVATION habits encouraged as the individual and beyond, gleeful guests continue to share this magical experience by returning time and time again. Kyle, Eby, Juliet, Ethel, Ismail, Catur, Nanne; thank you! I’m SUPERSATURATED with happiness! It’s been great FREEFLOWing with you!

My initial SEARCH and RECOVERY plan was to complete my DM here and then do a little travel and continue with my IDC elsewhere, but all it took was a few days to realise I’d found the treasure chest of diving education in this beautiful CORAL TRIANGLE and it would be nothing short of foolish not to continue with Joe’s. I was REELed in by Markus; a passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated, incredibly organised and all-knowing course director. At times one felt the PRESSURE but Markus kept us all in good TRIM and the ATMOSPHERE was always POSITIVELY BUOYANT. Likened to a WELL BALANCED FIRST STAGE, the course delivery had a constant, uninterrupted FLOW and I never felt myself DRIFT away even for a second. We may have tested Markus’ patience significantly more periodically than CYLINDER VISUAL INSPECTION requirements, but his BURST DISK is in excellent working order! He has the remarkable skill of helping individuals identify and NAVIGATE through their weaknesses and turn these into PEAK PERFORMANCEs without becoming a nervous WRECK! Markus = MASTER of IDC’s, thank you! SORTED!


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