The different PADI zero to hero. How to become a PADI Course Director.

Divemaster course

The different PADI zero to hero. How to become a PADI Course Director.

If you expect an overview on how to become a PADI Course Director in 3 years which applies for everyone you are most likely wasting your time reading this blog. My journey began in 1999 as a 12 year old on a beautiful island in Africa called Mauritius. 

In the first Issue of course the first step Discover Scuba Diving. How to, and how not to DSD.

I started this first ever vacation off Europe with a cast around my left lower arm due to a football accident. So doctors told me there is no water activity happening this holiday 🙁 

Little did they knew about the water baby living inside myself the last 12 years. My father had the great idea to book a dsd. After this crazy instructor lured my whole family to the pool for a Scuba try out. 

The joy for me was standing on the sideline and checking out equipment. I was more curious about the gear than anything else. I tried to ask questions but the instructor didn’t give a damn as I wasn’t a potential customer with my cast. Back then my english was not great google translate didn’t existed so I took matters in my own hand. I wanted to know more, so I borrowed some tools from the resort and removed my cast and stitches to be able to join the next day. My sister bailed anyway because she was scared. 

After fitting masks my father was out as well, as he was sporting a humongous full beard and the mask was leaking the whole time. So it was up to me yay the first bubble in the Indian ocean. Man  I was hooked right away. However the instructor didn’t speak any english and well my french was also not existent.  So the whole briefing part on how to equalise wasn’t really there and no way for me to go deeper than 5 meters.

I was amazed by the underwater world blowing bubbles and even more curious about the equipment. On the other hand I was also sad because I thought it is just not in my nature to dive as it didn’t really work to equalise and enjoy the whole adventure. Also the instructor couldn’t really explain things to me. Which didn’t make it any easier.

So the bottom line was the foundation was there but for the following year it should be just snorkelling for me.

What is the lesson to be learned for a PADI Instructor here? Is having multiple languages a bonus in the diving industry? Is extra knowledge on how to teach with adaptive techniques helpful for Discover scuba diving? What would you have done differently?

Let me know your thought’s and answer in the comments. Next time a little inside into my open water course which was definitely something else.

Find out how to climb the ladder in the appropriate and check out our Homepage on how to become a PADI Divemaster, Instructor, Staff Instructor or even Course Director.

Divemaster course
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