The PADI Instructor Manual

The PADI Instructor Manual

Same like a Computer the PADI System only works if all Components are working. If anything is incomplete you wont certify a complete diver. If you have operator mistakes on a computer people will get angry. If you don’t follow Standards as a prudent PADI Instructor would people might get injured or being left without complete training.



  • How to use this manual I know most of you never read this section of the Manual but in this one it is actually very helpful to understand where and how you can find information.
  • Commitment to excellence This section outlines your professional commitment to diver safety, responsibility and risk management. Read it first and read it often.
  • General Standards and Procedures This is your main Guide as you find General Standards which apply to every Course and won’t be repeated in the specific Course section.
  • Course/Program Instructor Guides Here you have every Guide for Individual Courses with their unique Standards and Outlines how to conduct the course.
  • Professional Membership this section is all about Professional Member Ratings with minimum requirements and member status. Also, how to get expelled from PADI.



A question I often get is do I have to stick to Standards? Well as a prudent PADI Instructor „yes” but to be honest, no you don’t have to if everyone is safe and nothing happens no Standards are needed. But this is the main Problem accidents will and do happen and the more you take Course or Standard rules serious the more you reduce the risk for your students and yourself.


It can work out a hundred times but the 101st time somebody might get hurt and you shouldn’t be that person to explain the, I wanted to do the right thing but couldn’t. If you follow the Standards you most likely won’t find yourself in that position. I don’t say accidents won’t happen but you will minimize the Risk and keep your future divers or fun divers safe and you can focus on the exciting part which is diving while being safe and having fun.


In the upcoming Pages, I will show how to navigate around the Instructor Manual as this is what you should need to know. No one expects you to know this manual inside out but to find stuff. Also, you can download the newest Version under the PADI Pro Site

PADI General Standards and Procedures Subjects

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