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We always talk about the World Ocean which is not completely correct. In fact, it is just one massive ocean linked together. Even lakes and rivers are linked to it. In a given time, every water molecule is going from ice to a river and eventually to the ocean, either flowing there or through evaporation.

When we are talking about environment in diving, we always need to keep in mind that water is a substance on our planet which is in movement all the time, to make the Instructors or Divemasters lives a little bit more difficult.

Imagine you are on a boat and people ask you things like; Is it safe to go diving while it is raining? Well I guess you have the answer to that, but you should know how to read the ocean with its tides, waves and currents to be able to make good judgement calls and explain to your divers why you are making those decisions.

Nowadays on dive number four of the Open Water Diver course, students need to be able to plan and execute their dives. In which case, you as an Instructor or Divemaster need to be able to explain or correct decisions made about the environment.

In this section you will also find specific skills and hand signals which are more a review of Rescue abilities and Adventures in Diving.

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This content is for members only.
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