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Here on land we are used to our surroundings. When we walk down the street and hear a car passing by, without looking we can determine by listening where it is located. It doesn’t matter if we are 3 or 30 meters away from an apple tree, for us, the ripe red apples would still be red. In summer time, being outdoors with 27 degrees Celsius is just an amazing warm temperature and wearing just a t-shirt will be enough.

However, underwater everything is different. When you hear a noise, you won’t be able to say exactly where it comes from unless you see it. Red will start to fade at even 1 meter under water. After half an hour without a wetsuit in 27 degrees Celsius you will start to feel cold.

Of course, you learned the basics of physics. In this section, you will learn the how and why explained in real life examples, videos, pictures and detailed explanations. Understanding physics is important, but you also need to know how you can explain to someone in a variety of ways why the apple is not red anymore after 5 meters of depth.

Physics Subjects

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This content is for members only.
This content is for members only.

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