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An introduction to Physiology

Without our cars, we are limited to a certain speed by running or walking. Without a plane, we are not able to fly. Being exposed to the universe without a spaceship protecting us, we would not be able to breathe or exist out there.


Under water we are exposed directly to a different environment, unless of course you have a submarine! In scuba diving we need to adapt to the increased pressure which is surrounding us. All different gases contained in the air we are breathing are behaving differently at depth inside our respiratory and circulatory systems.

Increased pressure

When we are being exposed to water for an hour, we get cold quicker so we need to understand which exposure suit we should wear. If you understand how your airspace’s are functioning due to increased pressure, it may help your divers or students overcome fear and problems which come with equalization.

Knowledge builds confidence

While teaching many Discover Scuba Diving students in the past, I have heard hear many amazing stories.

One of them was the student that believed that he drowned in his previous life. Having the knowledge of what is happening to your body under water, clarified most of the objections this future diver had. In the end, he overcame his fear and he is now a PADI Rescue diver! He even tells me stories that he can’t understand why people are afraid of diving as it is the safest thing in the world. Of course, stories like this make me smile and I need to remind him of his first steps as a Discover Scuba Diver.

Learn more about the human body in this section and understand how you can make your student divers overcome fears that they might have.

Physiology Subjects

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This content is for members only.
This content is for members only.

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