Neutral vs. knees down demonstrations

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Neutral vs. knees down demonstrations

Neutral vs. knees down demonstrations

What is the difference between being neutrally buoyant and having your knees on the ground for more control? In this issue we will have a look at ech of them and why you and your students can and should be able to choose.

As a PADI Divemster or Instructor you should be able to maintain good buoyancy at all times right? How about your Demonstrations? ME personnaly yes I do belief each Instructor and Divemaster should be able to demonstraate each skill neutrally buoyant.

Same like with knees down, is the Open Water student able to perform the skill equally to your Demonstration? Most likely not as he is still learning. So why are we not demostrating the Skill as it should be?!

I know most of the objections why not to teach neutrally buoyant but the main one I heard: They are just starting to to dive no one can expect them to perform all skills neutrally bouyant. Yes and I do agree with that, however you as the PADI Pro are setting the bar and your student will long after your course trying to become as good as yourself. Is this not also one of our duties beeing a good role model.

A PADI professional should strive to get the best out of their students. To teach up to standards is expected but the best instructors in the field try to get better all the time. This doesn’t only go for Instructors. For me as a Course Director I also needed some motivation to change my teaching style. The best way of finding out if it’s to hard or not possible to teach that way maybe just try it out on your next Scub Review, Open Water Water course or best together as Mentor with Divemaster Candidates.

At Joe’s we just started teaching demonstrations on our Divemster Course and our PADI IDC. Some but not all of our Instructors are teaching in the same way.

For example we teach this skill already as a standard neutrally buoyant which means it is a performance requirement that your students need to be able to perform Weights and Equipment removal and replacement neutrally buoyant.

Removing and replacing your scuba gear neutral is not only helping to prevent Coral damage but also it is a great exercise for buoyancy and equipment use. Here a little Idea how to demonstrate this skill:

You can find all of our demonstration ideas on our IDC classroom under skill circuit.

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