PADI Adaptive Techniques Speciality Instructor

PADI Adaptive Techniques Speciality Instructor

For many only the title of this speciality sounds difficult. It is not, as you see below it is actually good fun. The PADI Adaptive technique course is not only for professionals on how to teach divers with disability’s. It also teaches their buddy on how to be of assistance an focuses on what they can do.


PADI always had the philosophy that anyone could dive. This Course enhances your ability to do exactly that. There is however one concern, they need to meet the medical standards and being approved to dive from a physician. After that’s done your part starts.

Especially at the beginning of a course you need to figure out what the student can do rather what he can’t. During your speciality course here at Joe’s Gone Diving we are mainly focusing on this point. How? We will let you role play in different roles either as the Instructor, Assistant or the student with an assigned disability. To make sure everyone gets into the the feeling on how to dive with your eye’s or legs.

You will figure out fast that there are way more things you can do with a disability yourself then you first thought you could. And that is the main goal of this course to get you into the mindset of a physical or mental challenges. Once you got that, you will figure out a teaching plan in no time, and how to approach different abilities in challenged divers.

Joe's Adaptive Techniques Speciality Instructor Course

PADI Adaptive Techniques Speciality

What is it all about

Let’s dive right into it and have a look on how you should approach a diver with a disability as a PADI Professional. Diving does have healing powers which is documented. Sometimes when nothing else worked, diving did and changed peoples lives.

To make this course work your main focus needs to be respect. Look at what they can do not on what they can’t. The majority here are grown up people and are not different in any way. They’ll let you know where they need assistance with other dive specific stuff most of them can do nearly everything.

A very important part is to use the “right” words, on how to refer to and describe people. This is a sensitive issue and varies from place to place. Some terms like differently abled might be alright while others think it’s political incorrect. Just follow and try to find out cultural norms if you have never worked with physical or mentally challenged people.

Best way is to not have any preconceptions as they most likely surprise you anyway on what they are able to do. Some will be able to meet Open Water or Scuba diver performance requirements. While others are more then happy with a Discover Scuba Diving experience. Try it out build a relationship and be amazed of what some people are capable of.

However you have to be realistic as well before having people with disability’s arriving at the dive center. This start with an assessment for accessibility and best would be to discuss this matters before course start. Also depending on the individual’s ability, their success may depend on more attention and duration in course days.


The Standards are a bit different at this course as we basically have the Adaptive Technique Speciality for the dive professionals and the Adaptive Support Diver for the Recreational diver.

Adaptive Techniques Speciality

  • Prerequisites – PADI Divemaster or PADI Master Freediver
  • Minimum Age – 18 Years
  • Dives 2 Confined and 2 Open Water Workshops

Adaptive Support Diver

  • Prerequisites – PADI Open Water Diver or PADI Freediver
  • Minimum Age – 15 years
  • Dives – 1 Confined and 1 Open water workshop

All in all it is not a difficult course but very valuable in understand other divers with different strength’s. Also it adds up in your CV for future employment to have the skills necessary in working with disabled divers and being able to teach the PADI Adaptive techniques speciality course.

You can find all of our IDC and Divemaster courses on the Homepage.

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