Crossover to PADI

Crossover to PADI from another dive agency

If you have been trained up to a certain level by another scuba training agency than PADI such as NAUI, SSI, CMAS & BSAC. And you want to cross over to PADI, you came to the right place to find the information on how to do this.

Why crossover to PADI?

There are a few very simple reasons why most dive professionals have PADI teaching credentials. More than 75% of the dive shops in the world are affiliated with PADI.

PADI is the largest organization and therefore is offering more jobs than all other organizations combined.

It makes a lot of sense to be a PADI Instructor, MSDT or PADI Staff Instructor not only to land that dream job, but also to be able to continue your career.
If you have a certification from another of organization below in the tables you can find where you can enter the PADI system.

If you have a certifications from another organisation than the organisations below or if you would like to have more information about what it means to crossover from your current level to the PADI system just send us a message, and we will explain you exactly what you need to do.

SSIPADI Equivalent
SSI Open WaterOpen Water Diver
SSI Advanced Open WaterAdvanced Open Water Diver
SSI Stress & Rescue TechniquesRescue Diver
SSI Master DiverRescue Diver
SSI Dive Con/ DivemasterDivemaster
SSI Open Water / Dive Con InstructorIDC Candidate when certified for more than 6 months

NAUIPADI Equivalent
NAUI Scuba DiverOpen Water Diver
Advanced Scuba DiverAdvanced Open Water Diver
NAUI Master Scuba DiverRescue Diver
NAUI DivemasterDivemaster
Scuba InstructorIDC Candidate

BSACPADI Equivalent
Ocean Diver or Club DiverOpen Water Diver
Sport DiverOpen Water Diver
Sport Diver with at least 20 logged divesAdvanced Open Water Diver
Dive LeaderRescue Diver
Advanced DiverDivemaster or IDC Candidate
Club InstructorIDC Candidate
Open Water InstructorIDC Candidate
Advanced InstructorIDC Candidate

CMASPADI Equivalent
CMAS 1 Star DiverOpen Water Diver
CMAS 2 Star Diver (with verification of Night and Navigation dive)Rescue Diver
CMAS 3 Star DiverDivemaster or IDC Candidate
CMAS 1 Star InstructorIDC Candidate
CMAS 2 Star InstructorIDC Candidate

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