Quality over Quantity what makes Joe’s Instructor Course Different?

Quality over Quantity what makes Joe’s Instructor Course Different?

Here at Joe’s we are keeping up with trends and revisions. For this year we will not only adapt as soon as possible to the new Curriculum of the Instructor Development course. We are also adding value for the same price. There will be new Workshops like Adaptive techniques with holistic teaching, Sidemount try out and understanding needs of technical divers, O2 Provider speciality Instructor Course,  Digital products and online processing workshop and how to make „Skin diving“ more Valuable with some basic Free diving techniques.

As the Open water diver course revision in 2013 changed the way we teach the world how to dive, it is getting even further in 2019. The Open water course was revised with neutral buoyancy and self awareness in mind to create fully functional Open Water divers. As PADI is revising the most sought after and in my opinion the hardest Instructor Development program in the diving Industry. For the new curriculum on the IDC it will go towards more practice workshops than lectures in the classroom. I started already in 2018 to implement neutral buoyant skills for Divemaster and IDC training which turned out harder for some individuals than I thought. In the end it is easier to learn new skills than to adapt neutral buoyancy into your skill demonstration and control. 

For that we created an interactive online learning platform which enables all of our Instructor candidates at Joe’s gone diving to get their Theory out of the way if they start studying 2-3 weeks prior to the IDC. On this PADI IDC learning platform you will find the key concepts about Physics, Physiology, Equipment, RDP, Skills and Environment. You can visualise your skills with our neutral buoyant videos from our IDC Staff Instructors and Course Director. Further you can also test your knowledge with specific topic quizzes or with our simulated PADI Instructor Exam.

This gives us more time during the IDC to Implement additional Workshops:

  • Adaptive techniques: In this workshop we are not only looking at disabled divers per se. The experience should make you think. Different people different needs, and it puts every candidate in the position of haveing different needs while the role play goes on you will see both perspectives. Holistic teaching doesn’t mean anything else d\then Visualise and try to think like your students. Basically we should get aware of what people can do best in different ways. So again this is not only a great workshop to learn something new on how to teach people with disabilities. It also helps you to understand how to read divers and how to adapt to unique mentalities and abilities 
  • Sidemount: Sidemount comes out of the technichal world and was basially used for cave explorations. As double backmount tanks where sturdy divers started to make their own harnesses with weigth belt material and metal clamps. Nowadays this type of configuration is wide spread even for recreational diving. Why? Well basically it looks amazing. It has many other benefits for example streamline and trim is way easier to achieve, double tanks mean double air very intersting for Photographers. Less equipment weight on BCD and harness, Single tank use „monkey diving“ possiility and many more factors. This workshop is there for my candidates to understand the basics. How to set up tanks and what hardware is needed. The importance of equipment handling for technichal divers. Mayb a glimpse of what technichal diving is all  about and that the first stebs are not as scary and they might benefit you in the long run as a professional PADI Instructor.
  • O2 Provider Instructor Course: Providing emergency oxygen has become the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers since it provides oxygen to starved tissues and aids in bubble reduction. It is a well-documented fact in diving accident management that early oxygen administration after a dive accident may be the most significant factor contributing to success in treating diving injuries. You have the opportunity to train everyone  – divers and nondivers – who comes in contact with divers on a fairly regular basis to recognize the need for and properly administer emergency oxygen training. It’s the ultimate goal of this course.
  • Digital Products and online Processing center: As an Instructor it is not only being out and teaching people how to dive. There is a jungle of adminisrative procedures and a ton of different materials available. In my experience the majority of new instructors never seen what the PADI Pro site is about and even less know how to certify students. In this workshop I will explain all the tools on this site and how to correctly certify students. For example there are 4 to 5 different ways on how to study for an open water course. We will have a look on how the PADI Library works and how the media differ on how to teachand certify student divers.
  • Free diving vs. Skin diving: To ease it up skin diving is a form of snorkelling except you dive below the surface to see something interesting. This is very easy but still done wrong by so many people. On our free diving workshop I will show some easy relaxation and breathing techniques to make skin diving more enjoyable and safer. Every Open Water student can benefit from this experience and might even start down the path of a free diver. Even for yourself you might find with an afternoon practise that your potential is way higher than you thought.

As Markus is studying for his Marine Biology Diploma at the moment you will also get some additional Information and and insights. Also you will receive a usb stick with reference materials worth over 400 USD. This includes Fish Id books, Buoyancy Dynamics, Medicine in Diving, The Law and diving, and all speciality outlines which you also get on a DVD. 

At the beginning of the IDC you will receive a little care package which makes your live as a IDC candidate and Instructor easier. You get our Joe’s Gone Diving Pro Shirt and Aluminium bottle for free to reduce the Plastic around our waters of Bali. 

Our Course Director will be teaching you during the whole course with assistance from our Staff Instructors. Inbetween our Pro team we can teach and assist in English, German, Dutch, Indonesian and Spanish. Markus is available 24/7 during your course. If you need explanations or you stuck on your homework you can just shoot him a text or Video call him. 

We have in total 10 IDC scheduled for this year make sure to find the right date ond or IDC calender (link schedule)

If you have any questions for our IDC’s, pricing, materials, requirements, accomodation, Visa requirements or Bali itself you can coatact Markus directly under gopro@joesgonediving.com

We are looking forward to see you here on Bali for your PADI Instructor Development Course at Joe’s Gone Diving.

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