Rescue Course and Divemaster in Bali

Rescue Course and Divemaster in Bali

 I did my Rescue Diver and Divemaster at Joe’s. I went to Bali around December, met the team and started the Rescue Course right away. It was a cool experience to learn to manage yourself and others in emergency situations.

We started in the classroom with EFR; after that we did a couple of pool sessions and then open water training. Do not underestimate the course; there were some difficult situations, for example rescue 6, 7, 8. It takes a lot of practice!

After I successfully completed the Rescue Course, I started my Divemaster and that was absolutely fascinating. The Divemaster course is an intense but amazing experience. I started with only 12 dives in my logbook and after 2 months I had around 80 dives.

My first dive was in Padang Bay and it was my first dive abroad in open water. We set up our gear and we went to Turtle Neck by boat. When I got into the water, it felt great. You are surrounded by so much life, so many colors. You have the feeling you are swimming in an aquarium.

There are some amazing diving sites in Bali: Tulamben, Padang Bay, Kubu, Candidasa and finally Manta Point. Diving at Manta Point was probably one of the greatest diving experiences I have encountered up to this day. After the drop off we were surrounded by Manta rays.

I would like to thank the whole team who made it an unforgettable experience and who helped me improve my diving skills during the 8 weeks. Special thanks to Course Director Markus. Now I’m a Divemaster.

I will be back for my IDC.

You can find out more about our life changing Divemaster courses here.

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